I Played Dead Space

Spaceship that was supposed to be fixed by main character stranded in space full of dead people who are infected by strange things and the doctor is an insane person believing that these beings are actually the next evolution or step in mankind. This plot has probably been done in dozen of movies and/ or graphic novel and EA has tapped onto this plot to create a survival horror/rpg/3rd person game.

The result?A creepy game that deserves all the praise it is getting. The major plot is as mentioned on the above paragraph. I wont go into detail to prevent from spoiling it any further.

In this game the only way to kill the monsters is to dismember them body parts by body parts. To do this you will wield an arsenal of weapons that are most usually used for home improvement. EA also added great RPG elements such as the usage of Nodes for weapon and armor customization to further help you in your grim adventure. Certain visual eye candy such as the holographic in game menu adds a touch of believability and realism to the game.

The sound on this game is absolutely stunning, the voice acting is alive and believeable. The level design is kinda cramp which brought back the memory of old school style corridor shooter but then again we are playing a game in a spaceship. The mission is mostly run of the mill type although it is varied from one and the other.

My verdict: 4.5/5.0

Conclusion: A worthy buy and  kudos to EA for an original IP. lets hope they wont trash it.


RIP David Carradine. May you find peace.

Today was quite a shocker for me as i opened the yahoo site. I was staring at the headline saying ”Kung Fu’ star found dead” with a picture of David Carradine. Unlike most of his American fans, i was introduced to him through Kungfu: The Legend Continues. No words can express my sadness for his death. Condolences to his families and may the gods bless him. In my heart Grasshopper will leave on forever.

A Follow Up on the The Legend Of The Seeker

Many thanks to Mr.Shine and J for their comments on my view on Terry Goodkind’s The Legend Of The Seeker. It seems that Mr. Goodkind has probably sold his soul to the TV industries.

Mr.Shine had a few good points on the matter which dawned on me when i was delving into the whole novel. But then again, we humans tend to ignore the minor or major flaw in plots in order for us to enjoy fiction.

Yes i loved the novels and after my brain has been fried by the images of The Legend Of The Seeker i dont think i can go back to the novel  again with the same enthusiasm i felt when i read it for the first time. (This is from a guy who read the Elenium and the Tamuli trilogy 3 times ). The haunting face of Kahlan and Richard of the TV series will forever haunt me.

 What i am afraid of is that with the touch of Sam Raimi this will probably be turned into another Hercules and Xena franchise. What will happen next? Probably a sidekick will be given to Richard who is a Mord-Sith just to put in the funny factor.



My view on the first 10 minutes of The Legend Of The Seeker

As a novel lover i come across many writers particularly in the fantasy section. Some of my favorite writers are Mr. Terry Goodkind, David Edding and also R.A Salvatore.

Imagine my happiness when i heard that Terry Goodkind novel was going to be on TV. So as a fan i logged on the net and searched for the premiere of The legend of the seeker henceforth be knowns as WFRTV (Wizards First Rule TV).

After a few searching i found it on Youtube and proceeded to watch it. Then mixed feeling ensued, it was good seeing Richard and Kahlan again but at the same time i can’t help feeling that they were strangers to me. I don’t know much about acting but the way they acted reminded me of Hercules and Xena. No surprise there considering the touch of Sam Raimi.

Mr. Terry Goodkind before this indicated that he would not like his work to be tampered with if it is converted into other mediums but what i saw on that 10 minute was complete and utter bullshit. Forgive me for blasting at Mr. Terry Goodkind but this TV series is so campy that i can even put up a tent while viewing that series.

My view maybe prejudiced because i feel like i know both Richard and Kahlan from that series but then again this maybe the only time i can see and feel the spirit of the series.

I am a very forgiving person and also a very patient man. If anything in life has taught me its giving TV series a second chance. So i hope that i will like it after i see the full episode. If not then Sam Raimi will be on  my Uwe Boll list.